With all his vast experience in the business coaching field, Ameet Parekh has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom and scale a sustainable business with ultimate growth in revenues. His excellent coaching skills have rarely disappointed anyone and that’s why he’s among the leading business success coaches across the globe.

According to Ameet Parekh Reviews, more than 95% of entrepreneurs believe that with a lack of effective marketing strategy, they felt it extremely harder to sustain business growth. And when they connected  with Ameet, they got the clarity to apply an effective marketing strategy and are now enjoying visible business growth.

We’ve come up with a summary to explain to you how the most sought-after business coach guides his clients to acquire the right marketing strategy by keeping in mind the nature of their businesses. He suggests that everyone not assume that they already know everything about your business and reassess the following points and determine if you have gone through with the following details to re-examine the nature of your business.

Understanding the Nature of your Business

  • First of all examine your business model to see if it is related to manufacturing, providing services, distribution, retail, advisory/consultancy etc.
  • Now, related that model to a particular industry type.
  • Examine the nature of your products or services like if it is for high value or high volume.
  • Now think of the vital elements you need to implement the marketing strategy that can offer you accountability and profitability.

It is important to understand how vital is marketing to your business and for manufacturers, it’s all about adding more distributors and more product awareness. Ameet Parekh explores that for businesses that provide services, marketing is a process to acquire more enquiries. You should have to reexamine the nature of your business to determine which marketing strategy is best for generating the highest ROI. Therefore, every business owner should acquire a different approach towards marketing by keeping in mind the nature of the business.

Know Your Potential Customers

According to Ameet Parekh Reviews, businesses with having clear vision and understanding of their target audience have established an effective marketing strategy and are enjoying excellent business growth. The successful business coach also suggests the same to all entrepreneurs and explains to them how to define their dream customer. According to him, a dream customer will remain intent and resourceful to purchase and has complete information about your products and services. You can spot such with:

  • Having in need to purchase
  • Having the desire to purchase

Need and desire are the only motives that bring a customer close to your brand. He further explains this phenomenon with the following example:

We all must go to a dentist only when we need him/her, but you can visit a fashion outlet when you have a desire for a dress, suit or a nice pair of shoes.

Businesses must focus on understanding their customers by keeping in mind the aspect of customers’ demography and psychography. Demography relates to a customer’s age, industry, gender, education, industry, and size of business etc., its psychography is related to the problems a customer wants to resolve, and the results your customer wishes to achieve. Ameet Parekh explains that understanding your customer offers you the significance to create more effective and contextual marketing messages.

Explore where your dream customers spend time

After having a clear understanding of your dream customers, you should focus on exploring where can you find them. To obtain the results, you need to explore their profiling through:

  • Understanding their behaviour
  • Understanding their lifestyle
  • Understanding their preferences, choices, hobbies and interests

After identifying them, you need to spot those mainly on two platforms:

  • Offline

Examples: exhibitions, shows, conferences, industry associations etc.

  • Online

Examples: Information websites, news portals, social media platforms, blogs, discussion forums etc.

Set Goals, Targets and Methods of Marketing

Once you’ve explored everything about the nature of your business, identifying your dream customers and where to find those, it’s time to step ahead and set your marketing strategy. But before this, you should need to set goals and targets for your marketing approach. To set your lead generation goals, you just need to define which methods will pay you the best results. Ameet Parekh suggests that your marketing goals must be derived from your sales revenue goals.

Business owners need to understand that the only financial source they have to implement their marketing strategies is their monthly revenue and hence, it’s important to align your marketing goals with your revenue goals so that your marketing goal doesn’t get affected and derailed. After defining the marketing goal, Ameet suggests entrepreneurs concentrate on the most effective marketing method. He advsces them to explore all types of marketing methods and pick the best one by keeping in mind its long-term consequences. He suggests picking from search marketing methods on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trade India, IndiaMart etc.

In contrast, Ameet Parekh warns entrepreneurs to explore all marketing methods that he shared and then figure out the best one to create an effective marketing strategy. He also warns everyone to not create shortcuts and stick to the process till the end. Because if you fix any of these steps, you may get derailed in your marketing strategy and if you will stick to it, you will have a business that will instantly acquire new growth possibilities and will also grow profitably.