A hamstring strain accounts for majority of all sports-related injuries, despite the fact that it is frequently misinterpreted and badly managed. A partial or total rupture of one of the three hamstring muscles can occur if it is subjected to a forceful stretch or contraction when running, walking, or otherwise exercising. The muscles at the back of the thigh shorten when the knee is bent, and lengthen when the hip is extended. When your buttocks or the area where your knee attaches to your thigh is stretched or damaged, you will feel a severe pain in either of these sites. It is possible that the probability of occurrence is increased by a tumble, accident, old age, past injuries, strength imbalance, poor core stability, and many other factors. Physiorevive is the leading physiotherapy clinic in Delhi which specialises in hamstring injuries and can provide you long term relief courtesy to their thousands of hours of work experience.

Self Diagnosis

You should get medical attention from the best physiotherapist in Delhi no matter the severity of the discomfort you are experiencing. Because a hamstring injury, if left untreated, can lead to the degradation of your hamstring tendon, which can lead to long-term pain and possibly even disability, the problem must be treated. Always keep in mind that the sensation of pain is your body's way of trying to notify you that something is wrong. If any of the following apply to you, you may have a strained hamstring:

  • You either have discomfort or difficulty straightening your knee. Both of these symptoms are present.
  • Experience Ailments that make walking or running difficult.
  • It may be uncomfortable or difficult to climb stairs or take steps of a significant size.
  • Leg pain or weakness that lasts for an extended period of time

When should you visit Physiorevive?

Injury to the hamstring muscle can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe by professionals in the medical field. The muscle and tendon unit might be completely torn apart as a result of severe trauma. It could take several weeks or even months for it to totally heal. At Physiorevive, we use best possible treatment strategies to minimise the recovery time. But in case you refuse to visit the best physiotherapist in Delhi, it could take several months or even years.

A large but incomplete muscle tear is the outcome of hamstring strain that is only moderate in severity. It could take anywhere from three to six weeks to fully heal with physiotherapy and rest. If the patient does not receive physiotherapy, there is a greater chance that extent of injuries will be more and it will take them much longer to recover.

A minor hamstring strain can be treated at home by getting sufficient rest and performing simple exercises.

Grade 1

You should be able to treat a grade 1 hamstring strain, often known as a moderate hamstring strain, by following the guidelines given above. However, if you have substantial pain when walking or if the leg is unable to bear any weight, you should seek help from Physiorevive. You are going to need physiotherapy in order to speed up your recuperation, reduce your pain, and prevent any long-term issues.

Grade 2 and Grade 3

When someone has a grade 2 hamstring strain, the muscle that is typically damaged is the head of the biceps femoris. We as your physiotherapist would most likely suggest that you immobilise yourself for no longer than a week. After that, there will be many weeks of remedial therapy and strengthening exercises. A Grade 3 strain is a total tear of the muscle, the recovery time for which is many months, and it may be necessary to undergo surgery.

How exactly can physiotherapy assist in the treatment of hamstring strain?

The second phase of treatment is a delicate process that could result in additional damage if either it is not carried out correctly or too vigorously by non-professionals . Because of this, we strongly encourage you to speak with Physiorevive about your options. Our job as a physiotherapist is to design an bespoke treatment plan that is catered to the specifics of the patient's injury.

Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy combines a number of different approaches, such as an advanced electrotherapy including laser, various taping techniques, and patient-specific exercise prescriptions. These approaches help to improve the patient's mobility, as well as their quality of life and the length of their hospital stays. The rehabilitation regime prescribed by Physiorevive will offer the following benefits.

  • Less likelihood of suffering the same injury again
  • a more rapid return to normal sporting function
  • lengthening of the muscle fibres to its healthy position
  • reduced pain

Winding up

Physiotherapy is beneficial for improving balance, core strength, and muscle strength. The end consequence is a decreased chance of experiencing a fall or aggravating an existing injury. A hamstring strain or injury will result in muscles that are either weaker or tight if it is not treated with physiotherapy or another specialised treatment. In addition, as was previously indicated, failing to receive treatment might lead to long-term suffering or incapacity. Physiorevive, the leading physiotherapy clinic in Delhi specializes in hamstring strains with testimonies of hundreds of satisfied patients. Call us for a appointment and get consulted to relieve your hamstring strain.