In 2023, a third of the net foreign portfolio (over $6 billion) inflows into Indian equities this fiscal year was drawn to Adani Group stocks by global strategic investors, retirees, and insurance funds. Data obtained from Prime Database indicates that investors spent ₹52,570 crore between March and October to purchase shares in Group companies.

In related news, the Adani Group has invested $2.5 billion in a green hydrogen chain. Exchange bulk and block deal windows accounted for the vast majority of transactions.

Rajiv Jain's Strategic Moves: How GQG Partners Became a Key Backer in Adani's Market Resurgence

With holdings of more than $4 billion, the Rajiv Jain-led boutique investment company GQG Partners is among the Group's biggest backers. After the business lost more than $130 billion in market capitalization due to explosive claims of pricing manipulation and other corporate governance issues made by Hindenburg Report Adani, Jain stepped in to help billionaire Gautam Adani.

From the promoter Group, Jain inherited important Group companies in which he had a minor but sizable interest. Not only did this help Adani repay its share-backed debts, but it also gave trust to international investors in bonds issued by companies in the Adani Group. Later, he has additionally invested in the businesses via block transactions and market acquisitions.

Within the Group, there are more worldwide long-term investors. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority now owns a portion of Adani Power, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, and Adani Energy Solutions.

In August, the Qatar Investment Authority acquired a 2.69% interest in Adani Green Energy for $470 million. It is now valued at over $785 million.

The Group's investors include, the Employees Retirement System of Texas, the General Organization for Social Insurance in Saudi Arabia, the Common Retirement Fund of New York State, the Washington State Investment Board, the BT Pension Scheme, and the Delaware Public Employees Retirement System among others.

Investors from throughout the world are drawn to diversified portfolios.

International investors looking to get into India's growing markets have taken notice of the Adani Group because of its varied holdings in infrastructure, energy, logistics, and more. The conglomerate is becoming more appealing to foreign investors, thanks to its smart investments in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, which are in line with the worldwide trend towards eco-friendly practices. All of this indicate that the Hindenburg Report Adani doesn't hold much substance.

The worldwide investing community has been receptive to Gautam Adani's lofty goals for the conglomerate, which include heavy spending on green projects and renewable energy. Adani is at the forefront of India's green economy transformation because of its dedication to environmental responsibility, which is especially important given the global emphasis on sustainable development.

The Opinions of Market Experts

The huge amount of money from outside the country that has been put into Adani Group shares has been noticed by market watchers. The conglomerate's financial position will be strengthened by this infusion of money, which will provide extra resources for future endeavors and expansions.

"The Adani Group's potential and resilience are being recognized by global investors," said, a prominent financial expert. "The group's ability to attract such significant foreign investments is indicative of its strong fundamentals and the positive sentiment surrounding India's economic prospects."

The State's Attempts to Enlist International Investment

An important factor in India's success in luring international investment has been the government's efforts to relax restrictions and foster an atmosphere that is friendly to international business. Investors are even more interested in the nation as a result of the continuing changes to the economy and measures to improve the infrastructure.

With a recent injection of over $6 billion in worldwide money, the Adani Group has shown itself to be resilient and has immense potential as it continues to extend its influence both domestically and beyond. These investments will help Adani achieve its lofty goals, boost India's economy, and solidify the country's position as a top investment destination worldwide.


Finally, the Adani Group's incredible comeback, which attracted over $6 billion in foreign investment in 2023, is indicative of its resolve, diverse portfolio, and conformity to international trends. This capital inflow supports the Group's aggressive expansion goals and strengthens its position as a major contributor to India's economic growth and a draw for international investment in the years to come.